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Dear players,

As we have announced last month, our first PvP Tournament will start in October for all players who have registered at the event’s forum topic. And now, it is the time to open our long-awaited contest with details as below.

*Each participant fights against every other particpant once in their table. 2 top-ranked competitors will move to the next rounds.

1/ Players contact with each other by all means to freely arrange their battle time by the required date (GMT+8).
2/ For each battle, participants are required to take 2 screenshots (one shows the battle start screen with name of the opposing player and all units, and the other shows the result screen). Then the winner of each battle needs to post those 2 screenshots before the required date on forum topics which will be opened by the admin. (We will use these to cross-check with the system.)

*The specific dates will be announced later.

- The Champion: 400000 Gold + 500 Power + 5 Adaman Ore + 5 God Ore + 5 Devil Stone
- The Runner-up: 300000 Gold + 400 Power + 3 Adaman Ore + 3 God Ore + 3 Devil Stone
- Contestants in Semi Finals: 200000 Gold + 200 Power + 2 Adaman Ore + 2 God Ore + 2 Devil Stone
- Contestants in Quarter Finals: 100000 Gold + 100 Power + 1 Adaman Ore + 1 God Ore + 1 Devil Stone
- Losers in Round of 18: 50000 Gold + 100 Power + 1 Orichalcon Ore + 1 Runic Steel

There is no restriction on number of units engaging in each battle and types of equipment. Hence you need to put all your might to gain victory.

This is our very first PvP event, so we hope to receive much support from you all in Einherjar. Wish you best in your fights and may the strong prevail!

*Please go to this link to post your PvP screenshots.

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