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Every question about giving birth will be answered in here.

I – Tribute Point:The higher the point, you will have higher chance to have high class baby, that means the best time to bear is before 15h on Thursday, before the Tribute Point is reset, at that time the Point should be highest.

II – Max stats of new born baby:

III – How to calculate stats of the baby:Add points of the parents together and divide them by 3.5, you’ll get the stats of the baby. For example: I got Britania with Str 43, and Volsung with Str 34.
So 43 + 34 = 77, 77 / 3.5 = 22, but because their child is Spear Fighter, he only has 20 Str.
Same way to calculate with other status.

IV – Special birth:We mate a 45-lv unit with a 1-lv unit, the stats of the child will be divide by 2.7. Actually I never try it.

V – Note:1 – The best age for giving birth is 14-20, if your units are 2x or 3x years old, the stats won’t be divided by 3.5 but 4 or 4.5,… Besides, LP and age may affect to birth time, I mate a couple at 2x years old and it took 2 years to give birth.
2 – If the couple is not blood-related, you can put them in the Warrior House and go pass year, they will give birth at 15 years old, the child will get very good stats.
Hope this will help you train your babies Image.

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